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Vaithisvaran Koil 18-03-2007 Garbha Rakshambikai and other Koils

We two, Ashok and Neeraja went to Vaithisvaran Koil during March 2007. Earlier, we went to this koil on 23 February 2007 for the Mudi Irakkuthal for Sowmya and Aditi. Ashok and Neeraja couldn't join us then. So this visit.

We four left Chennai on Saturday, 17 March 2007, by Rockfort Express for Kumbakonam. Reaching KBK by 0720 the next morning (18th) we took a room there (Rs 250.00) After bath and breakfast, we hired a taxi for Rs 1300.00 to go to Vaithisvaran Koil and other places.

We left KBK by 0915 and went to V Koil. Good darshan of Vaithiyanatha Swami. Archanais to all five deities there. Then went to Suriyana Koil (Sun God). And then to Sukranar Koil at Kanjanur. Then we returned to KBK by 2PM and had lunch. At 3-15 PM, after lunch, we proceeded to Karugavur and worshipped at Sri Garbha Raskshambikai Amman. There Ashok-Neeraja performed the படி மெழுகுதல் with ghee.

From there, we proceeded to Pattiswaran Koil and then back to the hotel by 6-45 PM. Our return train was at 7-30 …